During this tour you will experience the pleasure of sailing. If the weather is good we will do all the tour on sailing, other away we will use the engine. This experience can be just a different touristic tour or, if you want, you can also experience to be part of the crew helping rigging the sails or skipping the boat. Be prepared with a wind jacket and shoes with rubber sole. That is all you need!

The complete tour starts at Marina Porto Atlântico in Leça da Palmeira. Then go through Matosinhos beach and pass all the Porto sea front. We enter Douro river and we go up the river to see the magnificent views of Porto and Gaia from the river. The short tour starts at Douro Marina and go up the river until Ribeira.

“Diva” is a Beneteau First 35s5, Sailing Boat of the Year when launched by Beneteau at 1988, interior design by the famous Philippe Starck. This sailing boat is already a Classic.

She has 2 cabins, 1 WC with hot water shower and a saloon with kitchen equipped with refrigerator, oven and microwaves.

About us 

This project was based in our love to the sea and to sailing as a sport. Now became our way of living, our live…


What they say about us …

      Uma experiencia muito agradavel. A cidade vista do mar, a entrada no Douro ao por do sol, a subida até à ribeira com a noite a tomar conta do céu... read more


      Excelente, bonito passeio pelo rio Douro até à Ribeira do Porto e um pôr de sol inesquecível. Acolhimento excelente!


      Uma forma diferente de ver a cidade e seus arredores. A vista a partir do rio Douro é simplesmente incrível.


My name is Paulo, I am Portuguese and I am really proud of my birthplace: Porto. I have traveled by several countries and I have lived in France and Holland. Engineering is my main activity. As hobbies, I do trekking, tennis and, of course, sailing. I have extensive experience at sea, having done several sail trips at Atlantic; North Sea and Mediterraneo.
I love sailing and I decided to share my experience and my boat, “Diva”, with you!

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