Massive North Atlantic Swell Continues To Pump, Nazare Reaches Historic Proportions!!

Kai Lenny, Lucas Chianca, Nic von Rupp, Sebastian Steudtner and a handful of other lunatics have been the early standouts, charging absolutely massive bombs that appear to be in the 60- to 80-foot range. Lenny and Stuednter have reportedly got the wave of the day so far, but paid a massive price as they were both beaten and rag-dolled. We’re also getting work that Chianca may have just bagged the wave of his life out there just now.

How this waves are formed in Nazaré?


Why they do it!?

Marina Porto Atlântico
Molhe Norte de Leixões D24
4450-718 Leça da Palmeira

Marina de Portimão
Bacia Norte I10
Ponta da Areia
8500 - 345 Portimão

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Precisa de ajuda?