Orcas attack again a sailing boat near the Portuguese Coast

The Unidade de Controlo Costeiro (UCC),  Subdestacamento de Controlo Costeiro de Sines, rescued two men, both 70 years old, from a runaway sailboat, near Cabo de Sines.
The 12-meter-long sailboat made a distress call via maritime VHF radio communications, being about three nautical miles away from land, equivalent to 5.5 kilometers. Immediately the military of the Guard went to the place with the Speedboat for Surveillance and Interception, where they found that the vessel had been rammed by two orcas that broke the rudder, thus leaving the vessel adrift and without maneuverability.
The two crew members were in good health, with no injuries, and the sailboat was towed by the GNR patrol to the Port of Recreio de Sines.
source: GNR / DCRP

Another one of a sequence of several attacks along the coast of Coruña, Galicia and Portugal

See the video of one of the attacks in Spain about a month ago, at the link below:

Marina Porto Atlântico
Molhe Norte de Leixões D24
4450-718 Leça da Palmeira

Marina de Portimão
Bacia Norte I10
Ponta da Areia
8500 - 345 Portimão

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